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President's Welcome


Welcome to the PRSA Central California Chapter. Our organization aims to cultivate relationships between local peers, provide opportunities to grow as professionals and support the ethical practice of public relations. We aim to be the organization for all communication professionals in the Valley, and I am beyond honored to serve as the 2023 president of this chapter.

I am very thankful for the tireless work of all the board and committee members who volunteer their time, connections, passion, and resources to make every year of PRSA great, and appreciate the chance to follow leaders who have made the last 30 years of this chapter what it has been.

If you work in public relations or communications, we invite you to reach out and learn more about PRSA, and join us at one of our Caffeinate and Connect events or other professional programs. Additionally, I invite you to frequently check our website for upcoming events, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

However, this organization cannot grow without conversation. My inbox is always open for feedback, questions, or simply a hello. Please feel free to reach me at I'd love to hear from you!

Jordan Bunch King
PRSA Central California President 2023

Our History

PRSA Central California Chapter was chartered on September 17, 1992. Below is a list of presidents since our chapter’s founding:

2022 - Cody Dixon

2021 - Cody Dixon

2020 - Nicole Maul, APR

2019 - Jessica Piffero

2018 - Anna Gonzalez, APR

2017 - Tanya Osegueda

2016 - Jill Wagner, APR
2015 - Janet Stoll-Lee, APR

2014 - Katie Rodgers
2013 - Lanny Larson
2012 - Brenda Smith, APR, Fellow PRSA
2011 - Liz Hudson, APR
2010 - Betsy Hays, APR, Fellow PRSA
2009 - Joanna Grey
2008 - Vickie Fernandez-Williamson
2007 - Jill Wagner, APR
2006 - Toni LaSalle
2005 - Melanie Fortier & Toni LaSalle

2004 - Candice Pendergrass

2003 - Roberta Barton

2002 - Amber Chiang, APR

2001 - Karen Graff

2000 - Angie Tarr

1999 - Laura Whitehouse

1998 - Betsy Hays, APR, Fellow PRSA

1997 - David DeButts, APR

1996 - Eric Johnson, APR

1995 - Kathleen Nave

1994 - Judy Ganulin, APR, Fellow PRSA

1993 - Charles Sant'Agata, APR

1992 - Founding President, Charles Sant'Agata, APR


Click the link below to view the Bylaws of the PRSA Central California Chapter.


PRSA Central California Chapter Bylaws

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