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Central California Image Awards

Do you have a project or campaign you’re especially proud of from 2020? The Central California Image Awards honor works of distinction in the practice of public relations performed by professionals in public relations, communications, marketing and  advertising in California’s Central Valley.


The awards cover three categories: Project Awards, Program Awards and Special Awards.

The project and program awards cost:

PRSA Members: $40 for each entry
For non-members: $50 per each entry

There is no fee for special award submissions


Entries must be submitted by Friday, May 28, 2021. Additional details on these entries can be found here.

Submit A Project Award 

This award recognizes excellence in public relations campaigns and tactics in a range of program categories, including:​​

  • Annual Report

  • Brochure

  • Newsletter

  • Direct Mail or Response

  • Article for Magazine or Trade Publication

  • Infographics, Poster and/or Banner

  • Magazine

  • Media Kit

  • News Release

  • Opinion Piece or Editorial

  • Photograph

  • PSA

  • Smart phone, tablet or application

  • Video

  • Webpage/Website

All entries must be accompanied by a typed summary of no more than one page. These summaries must follow the judges criteria. The judging criteria for the Program Awards are as follows:

  • Thoroughness and adequacy of research (as appropriate for the program's size/scope)

  • Completeness and comprehensiveness of planning

  • Selection and originality of strategies and tactics

  • Appropriate use of communication tools and methods

  • Appropriate efforts to identify, analyze, qualify and quantify results

  • Exhibition of skill and creativity

  • Consideration of budget, use of personnel, resources and opportunities 

  • Extent to which objectives were achieved (persuasive evidence of success) 

Submit A Progam Award

This award recognizes excellence in public relations projects in a range of program categories, including:​​

  • Campaign of the Year

  • Internal Campaign of the Year

  • Public Affairs

  • Community Service/Relations

  • Crisis Management

  • Digital or Social Media Campaign

  • Special Event or Observance

  • Reputation and/or Brand Management

  • Multicultural Public Relations

  • Marketing Business to Business

  • Global Communications

All entries must be accompanied by a typed summary of no more than one page. These summaries must answer the judges criteria. The judging criteria for the Project Awards are as follows:

  • Are the objectives clearly stated?

  • Is the project appropriate for the objectives?

  • Is the budget clearly presented and understandable?

  • Did the project stay within budget?

  • Were the objectives achieved (persuasive evidence of success

Nominate a Professional

Each year, PRSA Central California recognizes three professionals for their contributions to the public relations field. These special awards are: Executive of the Year, Professional of the Year and Rookie of the Year. Nominators for these awards must be PRSA members. Nominees for the Professional and Rookie of the Year must also be PRSA members.

There is no fee for these entries. Nominations should be entered with a letter of recommendation and a resume of the nominee.

How to Submit

1. Submit entries via dropbox here. Submissions should include one entry form, one entry summary and up to five documents that support your entry (photos, brochures, videos).

All files will need to be named using this naming convention: LASTNAME_CATEGORYNUMBER_ENTRYTITLE_DES CRIPTION


2. Award entrants will be billed via email after submissions close and will be given a link to PayPal. If you prefer to pay by check, please email

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